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(人教版)2019届高考英语一轮复习练习案:必修三 Unit 1 (含解析)
(人教版)2019届高考英语一轮复习练习案:必修三 Unit 1 (含解析)01
(人教版)2019届高考英语一轮复习练习案:必修三 Unit 1 (含解析)02
(人教版)2019届高考英语一轮复习练习案:必修三 Unit 1 (含解析)03
(人教版)2019届高考英语一轮复习练习案:必修三 Unit 1 (含解析)04
(人教版)2019届高考英语一轮复习练习案:必修三 Unit 1 (含解析)05

(人教版)2019届高考英语一轮复习练习案:必修三 Unit 1 (含解析)


必修 Unit 1



1Please accept our  apology  (apologize) for the inconvenience this matter has given you.

2He hurt me deeply and begged me to forgive him  for  his actions.

3You must remind him  to take  (take) his medicinein case he forgets.

4In my hometownthere is a tradition that we will hold a  celebration  (celebrate) party when we enter a higher school.

5I find that doing physical exercise a couple of times a week makes me feel more  energetic  (energy)

6If you want to catch that train you'd better set  off  for the station immediately.

7No official  permission  (permit) has been given for the event to take place.

8After taking some photosthey stopped at the top of the hill  to admire  (admire) the scenery.

9He tricked her  into  marrying him by pretending that he was rich.

10Miss Yang promised to attend my birthday partybut she hasn't turned  up  so far.


1Jane's sister played a trick to her—she put orange juice in her shampoo bottle! toon 

2Either you or the headmaster are to hand out the prizes to those gifted students at the meeting. areis 

3This story reminds me my experience when I was a middle school student. my前加of 

4We're looking forward to hear from you as soon as possible. hearhearing 

5Obviousstudents are terrible at adjusting their sleep cycles to their daily schedule. ObviousObviously 


1很明显她很受学生们的欢迎(It is obvious...)

答案:It is obvious that she is popular with students.

2我会守信并且我会将一切告诉他的(keep one's word)

答案:I'll keep my word and tell him everything.


答案:While the Internet is of great helpyou can't surf it too much.

4这种小车结果证明是不可靠的(unreliable)(turn out)

答案:The kind of car turns out to be unreliable.

5英语很难在短时间内学好(beadj.to do)

答案:English is very difficult to learn well in a short time.



Thanksgiving is an important festival in North America.We interviewed several students from the US and Canada.Here is what they have told us about their Thanksgiving experiences.

Josie from New YorkUSA

In AmericaThanksgiving is celebrated every year at the end of November.It is to remember the first group of people from Europe to live in America.When they first arrivedthey found the environment strange.But they learned to survive after some native American friends showed them how to grow and find food.Thanksgiving is meant to be a traditional celebration.

Todd from CaliforniaUSA

Thanksgiving is the first day of Christmas shopping.That means we have four weeks to buy Christmas presents for our families and friends.For me and my friendsthe most important part of the festival is the big football game on TV.The match is watched by millions of people all over America.Thanksgiving  is  seen  as  an  exciting  day  for football

Ian from SaskatoonCanada

In CanadaThanksgiving is held on the second Monday  in  October.On  the  Sunday  before Thanksgiving Daymany people go to church.Thanks are given for all the good things that happened to them during the year.I always give thanks for the nice big turkey I'm going to have at the family dinner! Like all festivalsThanksgiving is about food

Katie from MaritimesCanada

On Thanksgiving Daywe have dinner with all our cousinsaunts and uncles.It is always very busy.Sometimes we have two Thanksgiving dinners because we go to both our grandparents' houses.The dinner is usually attended by more than twenty people at each house! My mother and my aunts do all the cooking but the washing­up is done by me and my cousins.And that's not an easy job! But I don't mind because Thanksgiving is meant to be a time to give thanks.

[语篇解读] 本文是一篇应用文,主要讲的是美国和加拿大的一些学生在感恩节的不同经历。

1People in the USA and Canada ________ .

Ahave the same opinion of Thanksgiving

Bhave different opinions of Thanksgiving

Cfeel that Thanksgiving is about food

Dhave no interest in Thanksgiving

解析:B [推理判断题。从所采访的四个学生的内容可知,美国人和加拿大人对感恩节持不同的观点和看法,所以答案选B项。]

2When is Thanksgiving celebrated every year in Canada?

AOn the second Monday in October.

BOn the second Monday in November.

CAt the end of October.

DAt the end of November.

解析:A [细节理解题。从第三个采访Ian from SaskatoonCanada中的In CanadaThanksgiving is held on the second Monday in October.可知,答案为A]

3Where  does  the  person  who  thinks  that Thanksgiving is a traditional celebration come from?

ANew York.     BCalifornia.

CSaskatoon  DMaritimes.

解析:A [细节理解题。从第一个采访Josie from New YorkUSA中的Thanksgiving is meant to be a traditional celebration.可知选A]

4What is the main idea of this passage?

 AStudents learn to give thanks on Thanksgiving.

BMany students like spending Thanksgiving at home.

 CStudents   have   different   experiences   on Thanksgiving.

DThanksgiving is an important festival in North America.

解析:C [主旨大意题。本文主要讲的是美国和加拿大的一些学生在感恩节不同的经历,所以选C项。]



Fun Halloween Activities for a Family

Halloween  is  a  special  time  for  families. __1__ It is also a great opportunity for adults to develop the relationship with their children.Here are a few Halloween activities for the whole family.

·Prepare  some  mysterious  gifts  for your neighbors.

Halloween is a festival with pranks (恶作剧)when you can quickly get people in the spirit of the holiday. __2__ When I was a childmy parents prepared a full bag of various treats and goodies and sent them to our neighbors.

· __3__ 

Change any room of your house into a dressing room and let your children perform an improvised(即兴的) show with their creative and beautiful costumes.Don't  forget  to  capture  those  fun moments with a camera.

·Go to pumpkin farmland.

4__ Before the adventureset rules with your children like no going out of your sight and no fights.Most probably your kids will be curious to learn interesting facts about how to grow and choose pumpkins.

When you need a pumpkin for a pie you should pay attention to the texture and tastebut if you choose a pumpkin for carvingpay attention to its sizeshape and ripeness.Always pick pumpkins with dry stems (). __5__ Take plenty of photos and have fun!

ATeach your kids some simple rules.

BArrange a Halloween fashion show.

CThis can be another way to celebrate Halloween.

DChange your house into a haunted (闹鬼的)house.

EJust make sure they are harmless to anyone's health.

FIt's all about unique family traditionsfun and interesting.

GGet your children involved in planting pumpkin seeds and making tasty desserts.

[语篇解读] 本文是说明文,讲述了一个家庭如何过万圣节,并享受其中的乐趣。

1F [根据空前Halloween is a special time for families.及空后It is also a great   opportunity for adults to develop the relationship with their children.可知,这里是对万圣节的一种解释,故选F]

2E [根据空前的Halloween is a festival with pranks(恶作剧)可知,确保万圣节的恶作剧不要对他人的健康造成伤害,故选E]

3B [根据此段Change any room of your house into a dressing room and let    your children perform an improvised(即兴的) show with their creative and beautiful costumes.可知,此处提到万圣节可以安排一个时装表演,故选B]

4C [根据小标题去南瓜地可知,这是庆祝万圣节的另外一种方式,故选C]

5A [根据空前的关键词pay attention tochoose可知,这里提到教给孩子一些选南瓜的技巧,故选A]


(2018·山西长冶一中、沂州一中、临汾一中、康杰中学、晋城一中联考)My husband and I were paying a visit 1. ________ my parents in Tucson.We went to a fast­food restaurant for dinner together.My husband went to the counter 2. ________ (order)dishes and I stood with my parents.

My dad is 90 years old.He can hardly see very well and walks with a stick.I was scanning the restaurant,3. ________ (wait) to sit at the first table that was 4. ________ (convenient)than others.A woman who was sitting with her son made eye contact with me and asked me to come to her.With a 5. ________   (puzzle)look on my face.I pointed to myself and saidMeShe 6. ________ (nod)and saidYesyou.I walked to the table and she saidBring your family here.I can finish eating at the counter.My son is in 7. ________ hurry to leave anyway.My eyes 8. ________ (fill) with tears as she wiped down the table and guided my dad to the seat.

I always  believe  that  there  are 9. ________ (nature)kind people in this world.This woman has set a good example to her son,10. ________ is a really lucky guy.


1to 2.to order 3.waiting 4.more convenient 5.puzzled 6.nodded 7.a 8.were filled 9.naturally 10.who











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