Unit6 Do you like bananas?SectionB(2a-2c)课件+音视频


Unit6 Do you like bananas?SectionB(2a-2c)课件+音视频

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Let’s chant: Who has sharp eyes?(快速猜词) apples Pre-reading(1) Who WWhaWho has sharp ee has sha eyesarp eyes hamburgers Who has sharp eyes?(快速猜词) eggs Who has sharp eyes?(快速猜词) Who has sharp eyes? oranges Who has sharp eyes?(快速猜词) Who has sharp eyes? strawberries Who has sharp eyes?(快速猜词) Who has sharp eyes? pears Who has sharp eyes?(快速猜词) Who has sharp eyes? bananas Who has sharp eyes?(快速猜词) Who has sharp eyes? carrots Who has sharp eyes?(快速猜词) Who has sharp eyes? salad Who has sharp eyes?(快速猜词) Who has sharp eyes? chicken Who has sharp eyes?(快速猜词) vegetables ['ved?t?blz] fruit Are they healthy? [?helθi](健康的) 2a Which food do you think is healthy? Check (√) Yes, Maybe(可能)or No. √ √ √ √ √ √ I think ____(is/are/may be) healthy/not healthy! Food Yes Maybe No fruit vegetables eggs chicken hamburgers Ice-cream Cindy Smith She is a sports star. David He is a reporter. (记者) (体育明星) [stɑ:(r)] Read the title carefully and guess the main idea。 Reading task 1 利用标题猜测文章主题 What does the article talk about(谈论)? Eating habits(饮食习惯). Hobby(爱好). While-reading Listen and circle the food words. While-reading Task 2: fast reading Tips: skimming, read the article quickly. fruit Read carefully and fill in the chart. bananas oranges and apples salad hamburgers chicken ice-cream Tips: Scanning, read the passage carefully. Task3: Careful reading Food Does Cindy like…? Write five sentences about Cindy’s eating habits. 2c Cindy likes healthy food. 1. Cindy ____________ 2.She ______________ 3.She _______________ 4. Cindy doesn’t _______________ 5. She doesn’t ________________ Task 4: careful reading likes fruit. likes oranges and apples. likes salad for lunch. like bananas. eat ice-cream after dinner Read , tell “T” or “F” and correct(纠正) 3. Cindy likes fruit for breakfast. 4. She likes bananas very much. 5. She doesn’t like ice cream. 6. She likes hamburgers for dinner. 7. She always eat ice-cream after dinner. (T) (F) (F) (F) (F) 1. Cindy is a volleyball star. 2. She likes healthy food. (T) (T) likes doesn’t like bananas. chicken doesn’t Task 5: careful reading Tips: Scanning, read the passage carefully. Sports star Eats Cindy Smith is the star.Her habits are healthy. She for breakfast because it is healthy. She and but . For lunch, she really For dinner, she . And she because they’re healthy. she but she eat it because she doesn’t want to be .So she is really healthy. Well volleyball eating likes fruit likes oranges apples doesn't like bananas likes salad chicken doesn't like hamburgers likes not likes ice-cream doesn't fat Retell the article,Who is the fastest? Post-reading Activity 1 谁是最快的? Complete the article about Yao Ming. Yao Ming is_________________. He plays basketball very ______. He has_____________________. ____________,he likes a cup of ______, some fruit and bread. He often has rice and vegetables __________. And he loves salad, meat and rice __________. He doesn’t want to be ____. So he plays sports ___________. a basketball star a healthy eating habit For breakfast milk for lunch for dinner every day fat well a basketball star, for breakfast, milk, for lunch, for dinner, fat, well, every day, a healthy eating habit Activity 2 Expansion Post-reading Listen and review Write a short passage to introduce your eating habit.(写一篇小短文来介绍一下你自己的饮食习惯。) Do you have a healthy eating habit? What do you like for breakfast/lunch/dinner? Do you like fruit? Do you like vegetables? Do you like junk food? Do you want to be fat? (垃圾食品) Have a nice day! Bye-bye!