Unit2 Months Period 4(课件+教案+练习)


Unit2 Months Period 4(课件+教案+练习)

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Unit2 Months Period 4:24张PPT Unit 2 Months Period 4 教案 Song activities 在图片的帮助下理解、听唱歌谣,并能通过替换词创造新歌谣。Reading and writing为读和写两部分。能够在图片的帮助下读懂文本内容;能够完成读后作答并书写任务。 能够读懂短文并能按照意群、语音、语调朗读文本;能够完成读后回答和书写任务。 读懂问题并在单线上正确书写句子。 Unit 2 Months Period 4 同步练习 一、根据P22短文内容,补全空缺部分。 Ben’s birthday is in ______. That’s his favorite month, too. His father’s favorite month is _____. It’s always nice for ______. His mother’s favorite month is ______. She likes to_____. His brother loves______. That’s the last month of the year. Gigi’s favorite months are ______ and ______. 二、将下列句子排成对话。 ( ) Great! When is the trip this year ( 1 ) I like fall. I really like the colors. ( ) It’s in October. We will go to the West Lake. ( ) I like fall , too. We usually have a school trip in fall. ( ) Cool! I love the West Lake! 根据上面的对话完成句子。 1. Chen Jie and her classmates usually a in fall. 2. The trip is ______ _______ this year. 三、阅读短文,完成下列任务。 I’m Elsa. There are four people in my family. They are my father, my mother, my sister and me. My father likes April, because he likes Easter party. My mother likes May. Because we celebrate Mother’s Day for her. She is very happy. My sister likes December best. She likes snow. In December, it snows a lot. She can make a snowman. I like June. Because my birthday is in June. Which month do you like best 压缩包内容: May, may.mp3 rain, rain.mp3 read 1.1.mp3 read 1.2.mp3 read 1.3.mp3 read 1.5.mp3 read.mp3 read1.4.mp3 read1.6.mp3 read1.7.mp3 read2.1.mp3 read2.2.mp3 read2.3.mp3 read2.4.mp3 read2.5.mp3 song.mp3 song.wmv Unit 2 Period 4 同步练习.doc Unit 2 Period 4 教案.doc Unit2 Months Period 4.ppt